Hey, I’m Jan Malcolm, a Ph.D. candidate, mum, wife and professional organiser currently living in Melbourne, Australia.  From the age of 3 months until I was 5 years old my family (Mum, Dad, and two older sisters) moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Hong Kong, Bombay, then Sydney and back to NZ where I spent my formative years living on Auckland’s North Shore.  At 15 we moved to Melbourne; one of the world’s most liveable cities 🙂 . I think all that moving around in such a short space of time made Mum very organised and some of it must have rubbed off on me.

At high school and uni my friends were both impressed and perplexed by my colourful, precise, and organised (I LOVE tabs) study notes and my passionate affair with stationery was highlighted (see what I did there) in my 21st speeches.

BK (before kids) my husband, B and I, did a short stint in Japan which only fuelled my organising and stationery addiction; it continues to grow unfettered.

It feels so good to finally be out and proud.

I am Jan Malcolm and I am a plannerphile, pinoholic, aesthlete, and ataxophobe, and I’ll never be cured.

When I’m not bullet journaling sketchnoting or organising I am pinning, tweeting or instagraming about bullet journaling, sketchnoting or organising.  In my spare time I research hoarding disorder treatment strategies (blatant plug here for my survey link and hoarding blog), crack mum jokes with B, mess with my son’s heads and squish my 3 (yes, I know…) cats 🙂

Just in case I include a quiz about me on this blog in the future:

  • I have an irrational fear of steep escalators,
  • I have such an unquenchable thirst for mid-century design that I think I should have been born Danish in the 40’s so I could’ve lived through the 50’s and 60’s,
  • I love making up crazy lyrics to pop songs about chores and rules and singing them loudly and out of key to my kids until they give in and do what they’re told…
  • I believe in the strict use of the Oxford comma,
  • I’m so passionate about Prefab homes that we built one ourselves 5 years ago…
  • I’d turn for Jessica Alba,
  • I’m stupidly in love with Marc Newson’s designs (I like to name drop that he’s a family friend), and
  • I think Haruki Murakami is a genius and his novels should be on the VCE English reading list across the country, heck the world (yes I know it’s not called VCE anywhere else but Victoria but you know what I’m getting at – oofta!).




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Now you are cracking me up – I’m a moderate fan of the Oxford comma, and also huge fan of Haruki Murakami. Escalators are all the same gradient – you mean you’re afraid of long ones. (right?)

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  2. Hi Jan,
    My name is Hannah Marchesi and I am part of the NoteMaker.com team. I just wanted to notify you that you’ve won one of our Instagram competitions (congratulations!) for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. I’m not sure that you received the Instagram notification so I thought I’d reach out here.

    If you could please email your best contact details to service@notemaker.com.au and we can issue you your prize would be brilliant!

    Thank you,

    Hannah Marchesi


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