My Bullet Journal Wingman :)


I’d like to introduce y’all to the new member of my bujo family—the Leuchtturm1917 A5 soft cover, squared notebook affectionately known as the “Wingman” or the “Sidekick” as Kim Alvarez from Tiny Ray of Sunshine calls it.

The Hobonichi Cousin is fabulous—I mean totally awesomely fabulous BUT as fans of the Hobo have been discussing …

Where to put collections?

There is only a small number of pages in back of the Cousin and I needed WAYYYY more than that.  I searched high and low for a notebook with high quality paper so I could use my new fountain pens in it if I so desired. Numbered pages was also something I wanted if I could get it and an index (this is one of the problems with Moleskines, which were previously my fav, unpaginated with no index 😦 ).

The other thing I needed was a thin notebook with a soft cover to slip in behind my beloved Hobonichi Cousin and still use the strap on my Hobo cover to keep it all together…this was all before I discovered and ORDERED the AMAZING Roterfaden that has the supernatural ability to solve the “bundling” problem…

Stay tuned because I’m going to give you a look at how my hobo-bujo-roter family are changing my life 🙂 very very soon…

I soon found the Leuchtturm brand had the perfect thing.  I bought mine (I ended up ordering 2 just coz) from Larry Post in Australia.  It ticked all my boxes and some boxes I didn’t know I needed ticked!


Page marker  | Numbered pages| Contents page | Expandable Pocket | Elastic fastener | Ink proof paper | Thread bound | Perforated pages | Acid free paper | Stickers for labelling

So I’ve started setting up pages that spoke to me from other amazing bullet journalers like:

Kim – @tinyrayofsunshine

Kara – @boho.berry

Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper

Kacheri –

Dee – @decadethirty

Jess – @plannerbynature

and some of my own inventions (well it’s impossible to know actually if it is your invention or if you saw it somewhere in the past and forgot where the idea came from), which I can’t wait to share and get your feedback on so I can make my bujo wingman as successful as possible 🙂

Love this community, love you guys!  Keep on bullet journaling and supporting each other coz it’s kinda inspiring 😉








10 thoughts on “My Bullet Journal Wingman :)

    1. I totally agree Claire! Having a list stops a great deal of the impulse purchases – especially if you get the kids to make it with you before you leave! Love the sidekick 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment…sorry I didn’t reply straight away I forgot to follow up after I vetted your comment :/
      Hope to hear from you again soon!

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    1. Hi Kelly, Thanks for reading 🙂 I still LOVE my Roterfaden soooo much. I actually only use it when I go out now because it is so easy to remove the Hobo and the wingwoman from the clips.

      I have also found a fabulous tomoe river paper notebook that has many many pages
      So go and check this out too, I LOVED my Leuchtturm1917 softcover but more pages would have been better. I think the Taroko enigma might just be the perfect solution 🙂 Happy bujoing on international bujo day 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the tip on the Tomoe notebook? How thick would you say it is? I’m right now using the Cousin Avec (and as of today will add the LT softcover) — less heft is preferable since I do like to carry the whole shebang with me on occasion. Could you compare the Taroko thickness to the Cousin (full or avec) when you have a moment? THANKS AGAIN for the great information!

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  1. Hi Jan — thank you, thank you for this article (and the related posts, too). I’ve been having planner angst as I love my Bullet Journal … but didn’t love drawing spreads/waiting til the day rolls around to add tasks to the daily list. So … I started a test-drive with the Hobo Cousin Aven as of July 1 … but have struggled with collections, as carrying my Hobo and my LT1917 hardcover around together is just too much. Then, I’d discovered the LT Jottbook — but it’s only 60 pages, so I was toying with using 2 along with the Hobo (one for work, one for personal) so as not to fill it up too quickly. I was thinking I couldn’t be the only Hobo user experiencing this “collections/project notes” problem — and voila — I found your post! I ordered the softcover LT1917 today (overnight from Amazon — couldn’t wait a day longer!).

    As an aside …. I have a Hobo cover that these will fit in together, but your Roterfaden post now has me thinking …. but that’s a decision for another day. 🙂 THANKS AGAIN.


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