I know I’ve waxed lyrically about the Hobonichi and how fabulous it is…but there is still one big problem—the collections.  Where do they go?  How do  I keep the whole package together?  So I looked at how others were dealing with this conundrum.

SO… how to keep my hobonichi bullet journal AND my collections notebook together forever like the BFF’s they are?

I’ve been tearing around the www to find something that solved the problem of housing my two or more A5 notebooks in a way that is effective and doesn’t lead to me leaving one or more behind at some random cafe.

I think I’ve found it—but…

You guessed it!  It involves me spending more money 😦 HOWEVER, it is a really really great solution that I think will keep me happy for a few years to come (OK until the next time I want to buy something pretty)!

I stumbled across Roterfaden – which is a German brand of notebook covers that uses a unique pin system to hold in notebooks—somewhat like the Midori traveller’s notebook’s elastic— but it seems to be more robust and capacious enough to handle both the Hobonichi Cousin and another medium-thick notebook with room to spare.  It has this elasticised spine that allows it to stretch to accomodate more notebooks (a bit like preggy pants 😉 ) and looks amazing see!  The lining is felt, outside is leather, with elastic strap and pen loop.  You can buy it directly from the Roterfaden website—where you can configure it anyway you like (3 pins or 2, leather or faux leather, pocket variations, and choose the elastic strap colour you want) OR you can go to the Baum-Kuchen website in the US and order the “standard” version which comes in a few different leather colours (light & dark brown, black, and light and dark grey) and has the standard light grey felt lining, red elastic.  Check out Julia from Julia’s Bento on youtube taking you through the features


I ordered one from the Baum-Kuchen website in dark brown because I liked the classic look and LOVED the red accent of the strap and it seem easier that wading through the configuration process.


Wait for my up-date when I have the Roterfaden in my hot little hands 😉

Next post I’ll take you through which notebook I have chosen as my bujo & hobo wingman 🙂






5 thoughts on “Hobonichi & Bullet Journal: Roterfaden to the rescue!

  1. Oh my gosh I am so excited for you! I can’t wait for it to arrive so you can show me your set up 😍😍 I am so jealous…and just when I thought I loved my Midori…haha


  2. I’m so sorry!!!! But it is totally awesome isn’t it? I haven’t received it yet but it won’t be long. The gorgeous peeps at Baum-Kuchen have already sent me a sweet email asking me a bit more about how I’m planning on using the Roterfaden 😍 adorable! I am so excited to receive it … Yay!!!


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