Tabs, glorious tabs.  Love, love, love em.  Quick access to sections of textbooks or notes at uni – colour code stuff.  I’ve always been a big fan.

A couple things I DON’T love about them:

SIZE does matter.  I’m not really keen on how much of the page they take up especially these ones (that I had to modify by cutting off the colour strip) from Post it that I used in my Hobonichi Cousin.

LOOKS do matter.  I have this gorgeous, sophisticated planner with tabs that I home made.

IMG_3053NOT that being creative and tailoring things is bad by any stretch but MY attempt wasn’t flash so it looked a bit meh.




Basically I wanted something small, made specifically for journals with monthly, weekly, and daily spreads that would pimp my Hobo.

Once again I used my research skills for (sort of) good and trawled the www…

As luck would have it I was concurrently looking for a pencil case.  I had seen ones in Japan that either opened flat or that had a wide zip opening so you could see all the pens without taking them all out…

I’m just gonna detour briefly with the pencil case I found… 😉

Awesome right?  SO while I was checking out this AMAZING Korean site Fallin Design it was like a scene out of Pitch Perfect –  you know like the angels singing and the clouds parting and…”AHHHHHHHHH” OK you get the drill…

I stumbled upon THE best TABS EVA!!!!!!! That fit all my requirements 😉

IMG_3057 IMG_3058

So these are little faux leather tabs that come in a small range of colours – that are permanent (unfortunately – however I’m not sure I’d really want to take them off…) and look SO professional…

Although I’m using the Hobonichi Cousin these tabs can be used on any bullet journal; it all depends on how you’re setting it up.  If you lay everything out at the beginning of the year or for the first 3 months you can tab all at once or tab-as-you-go.  Whatever floats your boat.

How about I show you how they work.

Step 1: Squee with delight when the package arrives from Korea 🙂

Step 2: Make sure the cats are not ready to pounce as this is delicate work and you don’t want to put the tabs on skew-whiff…or get a paw stuck in them :/

Step 3: Decide whether you want the month name or the month number facing the front…

Step 4: Open the planner to the page you want to mark and line up the edge of the tab carefully like this:



Step 5: Turn the page over and carefully bend the tab along the seam – making sure to line up the edge of the tab with a visual reference (in my case I used the edge of the page boarder):

IMG_3066Think about how much of the tab you want to stick out.  Then press the two sides gently together…






Then move on to the next month 🙂

IMG_3067IMG_3070     IMG_3068 IMG_3069

I admit I actually bought two sets because I didn’t know which colour I would like on my navy Hobonichi Cousin so I also tabbed up my Hobonichi Techo with the spare set:

IMG_3072  I prefer these tabs because they have a lower profile on the part you attach to the page which means the paper doesn’t get “caught” on them as much.  Having said that, now that I have set it up, and I’m actually using the journal, it’s not  a problem…

Do you have any awesome sources of saucy stationery?

Get on board and comment babes (and dudes…I guess 😉 )…

We Out!



11 thoughts on “Tabulous…

  1. These are great! Do you find the heavy for the really lightweight Tomoe River paper? I’ve been using post-its because I’m so worried that heavier tabs are not going to work


    1. Hi Lola, I’m glad you asked because this is something I have been struggling with myself but I have come up with a plan – well actually plannerbynature – Jess on instagram has- use the first section of the hobonichicousin that has the year to two double pages. Write the habit you want to track VERTICALLY in the top section (where the three bullet points are…) then go ahead and mark off your achievement each day for the month. There’s room for 10 habits.

      OR you could do what I’m doing – because I had already started using this first section for major events like birthdays and term dates – on the weekly page use the bottom section of the page for tracking habits…I’ll put up a little mini post for you 🙂 That way I can change my focus weekly if I want to…
      love jxxx


      1. Lola, I actually have another Bujo that I use for collections and notes that I take for my PhD and set that up with an index in the front. I know of someone who has two hobonichi cousins and uses one for notes the other for journaling 😦
        Hope that helps!


  2. So I have completed my first week with my hobo, and I am in ‘Planner Heaven’ at the moment. I knew nothing about Hobonochi until I stumbled across your post on … a facebook group about bujo?! I am using the monthly and weekly planning spreads for most of my task tracking in the bujo style. I decided to use the daily spreads for lists, collections, notes etc. I created an index on the first 2 pages of the dailies. This organization evolved organically for me. I’m very happy with it and with planning in general. Finally, a system that works with me and not against me. And those endless lists that I kept in my head aren’t keeping me up at night as much as they used to now that they have a home in my Hobo 🙂 Thank you, again, Jan for inspiring me with your beautiful and thoughtful posts.


  3. Love, love this! I just discovered Hobonichi & am using my first ever this year, the Cousin. Could you give a link to the fab tabs? I’ve searched their site but can’t find them! Thanks in advance!!


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